Our 2023 Champions are Jason Virgil and Austin Bentz

Tournament Big Fish winners Jason Virgil and Austin Bentz.

Kevin Hollingsworth presented Jason Virgil and Austin Bentz with the Livingston Lure, Rangernets, Under Armour Tournament grand prize winner award.

2023 Washington Angler of the Year – Jeremy Tripp and Marc Lippincott

2023 Oregon Angler of the Year – Michael Gibney and Darryl Burkhardt

2023 Washington Rookie of the Year – Tom and Michael Richardson

2023 Oregon Rookies of the Year – Glenn Hancuff and Brian Pier

2023 2nd place JR Clark and Wyatt Smith

2023 3rd place Justin Campbell and Travis Whitney

2023 4th place Dan Jensen and Taylor Smith

2023 5th Place Chase and Mitch Ratchford

2023 6th place Donny Biagi and Robert Reid

2023 7th place Mike Matkowski and Ben Hanes

2023 8th place Robert Gray and Kyle Linderman

Michael Whitlow presented the Anglers Inn El Salto trip to Wyatt Smith