Caging Issue: Northwest Bass Tri-Cities Qualifier

It has come to the attention of Northwest Bass that a cage found within official tournament waters has raised concerns about potential fish tampering during the June 11th qualifier on the river.  Tournament officials, upon notification of the cage, conducted all necessary investigations to ensure the integrity of all competitors and their catch for the day in question.

Officials for Northwest Bass have over forty years combined experience in operating fishing tournaments and contests and do not take these matters lightly.  Our goal is always to direct the events with integrity and attention to detail.  Our officials conduct weigh-ins with extreme scrutiny for signs of fish tampering.

In the days following the discovery of the cage we conducted an investigation into this issue.  No signs of tampering were found.  Because there was no evidence, probable cause or protests directed at any competing team, no further investigation was deemed necessary.  Northwest Bass has great respect for our angler base and therefore will not take part in a proverbial “witch hunt” without proper evidence of wrong doing.

Anglers are also strongly encouraged to review and maintain knowledge of current Northwest Bass rules and regulations.

Moving forward, we remind all competing anglers that fish tampering is prohibited by Northwest Bass.  Any infraction of this rule will result in disqualification.