Banks-Lake-TournamentWALLA WALLA, WA – Oregon and Washington’s premier bass fishing tournament circuit, Northwest Bass, will kick off their 2016 schedule at Banks Lake on April 16, with 4 other tournaments on tap for the year. Much of the water covered on this year’s slate will be familiar to anglers and offer some challenging fishing as well as opportunities for great prize money.

Jeff and Kathy Priester, owners of Northwest Bass, continue to work at growing the circuit to introduce fishing to even more anglers. “We expect to see an expanded field and even greater opportunity for bass fishermen this year,” Jeff said. “Our hope is to continue to see more participation and bigger payouts for our guys on the water.”

Jeff and Kathy, who also own Nixon’s Marine, took over Northwest Bass in 2014, utilizing their connection to fishermen to create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for anglers wishing to test their skills against the best in the Northwest.

“We’re extremely thrilled with this year’s schedule,” Priester continued. “We’ll return to those fisheries because they’re the places our anglers enjoy. Starting off with Banks and continuing throughout the year on the Columbia and of course Potholes will create opportunities for some big stringers.”

After the Banks Lake, the circuit will see a month break before returning to the Potholes Reservoir for a two day tournament on May 21 and 22. On June 11, Northwest Bass will head to Columbia Point Marina on it’s first leg of a three tournaments on the Columbia River. The ‘regular’ season will round out at Umatilla on August 13, before returning to Columbia Point for the Northwest Bass Championship on September 17 and 18.

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About Northwest Bass – Northwest Bass is the premier bass fishing tournament circuit in Oregon and Washington, committed to safe, fun, and competitive fishing for all of its anglers.

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